What is bird flu disease ? Bird flu symptoms and treatment

What is bird flu disease? Bird flu symptoms and treatment | Ways to avoid bird flu How is bird flu spread? | What is bird flu virus? | bird flu virus, Bird flu treatment

What is bird flu disease ? Bird flu symptoms and treatment

What is bird flu virus?

Bird flu virus name: Influenza

Bird flu is a type of influenza virus and is spread by birds. If protection is not done then it becomes a problem for humans also..

Bird flu or avian influenza is a zoonotic disease that is found in abundance in animals. Sometimes its infection is also seen in humans. It is a type of influenza virus, which in birds. It spreads from one to the other through the air.

The infection causes swelling of the nose, throat and windpipe of affected birds. Due to the swelling, they have difficulty in breathing and this leads to their death. Crow, chicken, migratory birds etc. are more affected by this.

The biggest pathology of influenza virus is that there are two types of changes in it continuously. One is antigenic shift, in which there is a large change in the nature of the antigen and the other is antigenic drift, in which small types of mutations (changes in genes) occur continuously in the virus. This is the reason that no vaccine is effective in influenza for a long time.

How is bird flu spread?

When a bird or a group of birds is infected with Avian Influenza Virus, the virus can be transmitted to humans who come in contact with them and can also make them sick. Sometimes due to mutations in the virus, it can happen that the virus spreading in birds develops the ability to spread to humans. The faster the disease spreads in birds, the faster the mutation in the virus occurs. Humans are also alerted when bird flu infection spreads, so that the disease does not spread to humans.

Bird flu symptoms

If you come in contact with birds in any way, see a doctor if there is a cold, cough, fever, sore throat and difficulty in breathing. No medicine should be taken without doctor’s advice. If there is an infection, follow the medical guidelines completely. This disease has not been found in humans yet, but there is no need to be worried. Spreading this disease from human to human can be very difficult. Sanitization should be done at the place where birds are found dead. The people of the city and the village should be made aware in such a way that they take full vigilance. If the bird is found dead, inform the control room. To prevent infection, if a single rooster is found infected in the poultry farm, then there as well as the chickens and chickens in the surrounding one kilometer radius is killed.

Ways to avoid bird flu

• It is important to keep distance from birds.
• PPE kits, masks and personal protection to pick up dead or live birds
equipment should be used.
• Use sanitizer regularly.
• If possible consumption of birds’ food products like chicken, eggs etc., postpone it for a few days. If you cannot avoid it, then clean it thoroughly and eat it after cooking it at 70 degree centigrade. At this temperature, the bird palu virus dies.

Cases so far: Bird flu cases were first reported in birds in China in 1996. In 1997, the virus was confirmed to have infected humans. In February 2005, the H5Anavirus of bird flu spread rapidly in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh was also heavily affected in March 2006. Cases of bird palu were reported in Manipur in 2007 and in Bengal and Tripura in 2008. In the year 2016, this disease was also reported in the zoos of Delhi and Gwalior was confirmed.

Poultry producers take precautions

• Allow an outsider to enter the poultry farm. That person may have come in contact with the beet, feathers, body, fluid etc. of infected birds, due to which he can become a carrier of the disease.
• Prevent migratory birds from sitting in or near the poultry farm.
• When chickens and chickens were found dead in the poultry farm, the officials of the Animal Husbandry Department and the affected states were immediately informed.
Give to the special control room.

chicken business attention

• Wearing a mask and gloves, touch the birds.
• Give the birds’ feathers, beets, meat etc. to the municipal special squad or bury them in the ground.
• Wash hands frequently with soap. take this precaution
• While eating chicken eggs in the dhaba, keep in mind that it is completely cooked. If possible, do not eat chicken outside.
• Wear gloves and a mask while cutting chicken at home. Bury the feathers and other parts of the chicken by digging a pit in the ground.

What is bird flu disease? Bird flu symptoms and treatment | Ways to avoid bird flu How is bird flu spread? | What is bird flu virus? | bird flu virus, Bird flu treatment

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