How to Run Computer without a Mouse Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcut keys, friends in Hindi, do you use the mouse more while running the computer, if the answer is yes, then stay with us because today we will tell you that the work you do with the mouse will do all the work with the help of the keyboard. will do. (How to Run Computer without a Mouse Keyboard Shortcut Keys, How to select a text without a mouse, What is used Alt Tab,)

So here I will tell about not all 1 – 2 but almost all keyboard shortcut keys, so that you will be able to work smartly in front of your friends and relatives on your computer.

What are the types of keyboard shortcut keys?

  • Basic shortcut key
  • Advanced shortcut key
  • Useful shortcut key

What is the difference between Backspace and Delete key?

Before telling about the keyboard shortcut keys, I tell you about what is the difference between Backspace and Delete key, because there are many people who do not know about it. The key does the same thing.

But it is not the case that these two keys are created separately because you use it differently Backspace deletes any word from behind and Delete key is deleted from any word. Or use to delete the folder.

What is used Alt Tab ?

We use Alt Tab to switch programs as if you have kept all the programs open in your computer like a Browser, Software, Folder etc. So here you have to go from one program to another or switch, then you have to press the button of Alt.

And then after pressing the button of Tab, it will happen that all the programs that are open in your computer will be visible to you in a single page, then with the help of tab button you can go over any file or folder and you will press the Tab button. If left, that file or folder will open in front of you.

How to Shut Down Computer with Shortcut Keys?

Often people use the mouse to shut down the computer, but today the method we are going to tell you, you will be able to shut down your computer without using the mouse too easily,

To shut down your computer immediately, press and hold the Alt F4 button and then press the Enter key, you will see in a few seconds that your computer has shut down completely.

Shortcut key to Close Program Directly

Just like if any type of window is open in your computer and someone tells you to close this window, you will immediately touch the mouse and click on the cross and close it, but I will tell you the AC key so that You will be able to close that window easily without touching the mouse.

If you want to close any window with the keyboard shortcut key, then press Alt F4, your window will be closed immediately.

shortcut key Window D What is this use?

All the programs that use this shortcut key are used to minimize them and go directly to the desktop.

Like you are multitasking in your computer, many software is open, folder is open videos photos, all these things are open, so if you want to have all these tabs, they all get minimized at once and a desktop But then you will have to press window D in the keyboard of your computer.

And all the programs that will be open in your computer, they will be minimized at the same time and if you have to open all those folder files again, then you press window D again. All the files that were there will all be opened again. (Keyboard shortcut keys)

3 important shortcut keys when using MS Office

Whenever you use MS Office, you need to save the file and to save you simply click on the file and click on save as and after that you will give the name of the file but if you want to do it directly Ho.

Then you just have to press the F12 key in your keyboard and after that your file will be on direct save as you have to give the name of your file and save it.

But if you are using leptop, then you have to press F12 after pressing the Affle Fn key, then the further process will be the same with this there is another key which is normal everyone knows Ctrl S which lets you file can save

There is another shortcut key that you can use while using MS Office Ctrl N You can use this key when you are working in a project of MS Office and you have to open a new page, then you can Ctrl You can use N, it will open a new page in your same file.

The shortcut key used in the computer’s browser

Suppose you are searching for something in your browser and you have to open the new page in the browser itself, then you will normally click with your mouse on the botton of your browser () but if you do not use the mouse only If you want to open a new tab or page from the keyboard, then you have to press (Ctrl T) and the new page of Browser will be open in front of you.

Open or delete history in the browser with the shortcut key

Friends many times it happens to us that we open any type of website or login our password in some AC website, so that we have to delete it, so many people will do their line 3 of Browser. Let’s click on history and then click on (keyboard shortcut keys)

So here, if you want to do all this process with the help of shortcut key, then you have to press (Ctrl H). This is the history of your browser, it will be open in front of you, besides if you have to delete your history.

So you have to open your Browser, after that you will have to press (Ctrl Shift Delete) and after that you have to enter delete, then your history of Browser will be completely deleted.

Shortcut key to open Incognito Mode in browser

To open Incognito Mode in any browser or to open the Download menu in Browser (Ctrl Shift N) as soon as you press these key, you will automatically open Incognito Mode in your computer’s Browser.

After this, if you have to open the Download menu, which is the file you have downloaded and which files are being downloaded right now in your browser, then for this you can go directly to the main menu, just you in your keyboard You have to press (Ctrl J) as soon as you press this key, you will be able to reach your Browser’s downloaded web page.

If you want to offline save a web page in your browser then for this you will have to press (Ctrl D) and your browser’s online web page will be offline save in your computer.

Friends, it will always happen with the logo that you are searching for something in Browser and you have to open the link without clicking on any link in the new tab without removing the page, then you can directly click on the link right with the mouse. By clicking (open in new window), you will click.

But today I tell you its shortcut key, with the help of which you will be able to open new tab in Browser very easily (Ctrl Click)

(Ctrl Click) As soon as you click on any URL in your browser, the URL will open in the new window.

(Ctrl Shift T) It is very important to use it if you use a computer, like you keep a lot of tabs open in your browser and you are closing it one by one with the help of a mouse and by mistake you have Then also close it which you should not have done, then in such a situation you can use Ctrl Shift T to bring that tab back.

How to select a text without a mouse

Friends, if you are typing something in your computer and you want to select it, then you can use (Ctrl A) to select all, but you have to select a line or a topic written in the text. So you will use the mouse, but today I am going to tell the people its shortcut key, use this (Shift Errow) button to use this key.

All you have to do is to press and hold the shift button and you have to select your text from the four Errow buttons.

Friends, today you have learned from this post that how can we use keyboard shortcut keys in our computer and how can we be smart in front of our friends and relatives, if you like this post then comment. Please tell and if you have not followed us by going to social account, then please be sure that we always keep the same good and information-filled post every day, always till the next post. Hi! Computer Parts | What are the Parts of Computer What is Computer Hardware and Software

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