How to take Care of Kidney or Ways to keep Kidney Healthy

How to take Care of Kidney, Ways to keep Kidney Healthy, Kidney transplant treatment option, kidney stone treatment, bad habits for kidney

How to take Care of Kidney or Ways to keep Kidney Healthy

Symptoms of kidney related problems are not felt in the beginning. Therefore, for kidney to be healthy, it is important to be self-aware. Do we have any kind of kidney infection? The answer to this question can be found from the urine test. People in the high risk group should keep getting urine tested at all times. People with diabetes and high blood pressure are 10 times more likely to have kidney failure than other people. If you have problems like obesity, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, above 50 years of age, kidney stones, obstruction in urine, etc., then you come in the high risk group. Usually, the problem is detected only when the kidney has been damaged by more than 65 percent. The kidney is located near the waist on both the right and left sides. Its main function is to flush out the toxic elements of the body with urine. Along with this, 20 percent of the blood pumped by the heart comes to the kidney, which it filters and separates the toxic elements and purifies the blood.

It is easy to know the condition of the kidney: The kidney never gets damaged in a couple of days or a week, but it takes a long time to get damaged. You can know about the health of your kidney at any time by taking a simple test. The kidney is deteriorating, this is confirmed by the blood test by the amount of protein in the serum creatine and urine. An even advanced test from this test is the microalbumin test. Usually, 80 percent of people reach the hospital when the kidney has reached the final stage of failure. This is called chronic kidney disease.

Kidney disease of 17 out of 100: According to an estimate, the kidney of 17 out of 100 people is unhealthy. Due to diabetes, 30-40 percent of people suffer from kidney failure, while 15 percent of people fall prey to it due to high blood pressure. Every year about two lakh people are in the line of kidney transplant, but only three thousand patients get this facility.

Dialysis is not the diagnosis: Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis to some extent is possible for kidney patients, but it is not a complete cure. In these, hemodialysis requires going to a dialysis center, while peritoneal dialysis is also possible at home. Both these procedures have their own complications as well.

Kidney Transplant Treatment

Transplant is the only complete treatment to make the kidney healthy. Although one has to be on medicines and take a lot of precautions after the transplant, but it can be cured for 15 to 20 years. After the transplant, the patient has to be under the supervision of a kidney specialist.

Kidney Stone

If kidney stone is not treated on time, it has a bad effect on health. Its attack increases up to 40 percent in summer. Dehydration can also lead to kidney stones. Because of this, the risk of kidney failure also increases. When the amount of calcium, phosphorous and oxalate is high in the food, then stones or stones are formed. The fine particles of these elements are not able to get out with urine and collect in the kidney to form stones. A stone made up of microscopic particles often causes the problem of pain. The problem of kidney stones is more in men.

Bad Habits for Kidney

Stopping urination, drinking less water. Consuming too much salt, Negligence in the treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes, Taking excessive amount of painkillers, Excess intake of soft drinks and soda, Excessive consumption of alcohol, Vitamin D deficiency, Foods high in protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorous Consumption in excess.

Ways to Protect Kidney

• There should be no deficiency of Vitamin D and Vitamin B6 in the body.
• Vitamin C is essential for kidney health.
• Drink enough water to keep the kidney healthy.
• Eat less salt. Sometimes eating less salt gives great relief to the kidney.
• Control the amount of protein in the diet.
• Cucumber, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, gourd and watermelon are beneficial.
• Consume green vegetables like tinda, parwal, beans, cabbage and drumstick.
• Consumption of apple, papaya, guava, plum is beneficial.
• After the age of 35, keep checking blood pressure and sugar from time to time.

How to take Care of Kidney, Ways to keep Kidney Healthy, Kidney transplant treatment option, kidney stone treatment, bad habits for kidney

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