How to Make the Right Decision, How the Decision is Made

How to Make the Right Decision, How the Decision is Made, how to develop decision making techniques, make the right decision synonym, make the right choice synonym,

How to Make the Right Decision, How the Decision is Made

More important than having the ability to take quick decisions, it is more important to have the ability to make the right decisions. We all make small decisions every day. How to improve your decision making ability for a better life

Decision making is not an easy task. Whether the decision is small or big. Many things affect our ability to make decisions. The strange thing is that often we are completely unaware of this. It is true that not every decision of ours affects our life in the same way, but it also does not mean that we should start adopting indifferent attitude towards small decisions taken in daily life. Therefore, from now on, whether it is to decide the menu of the food or if it is decided to go to another city for a job, keep some things in mind while taking the decision to avoid taking the wrong decision.

Decision not be Emotional

Our emotions play an important role in whatever work we do, so don’t ignore your feelings while taking any decision. If you are feeling very emotional then avoid taking any decision at that time. Postpone decision making for a while. Often we take the wrong decision by getting carried away by emotions. Avoid doing this. Take decisions with a calm mind and a calm mind only when you feel emotionally balanced. Doing this will reduce the chances of your decisions being proved wrong.

If there is a doubt in your mind about a decision that that decision will not prove to be right, then avoid taking that decision. If your way of thinking has become negative then it is a different matter. But, if something is really going on in your mind regarding a decision, then listen to that matter in your mind. After deliberating thoroughly about that subject, take the decision which seems appropriate. For example, if you are planning to make a big investment, but negative things are coming in one corner of your mind about that investment, then listen to your mind. Do the necessary investigations before making an investment decision.

If you are going to take a decision which you know the reason for taking it is not right, then it is better not to take that decision at all. Thinking that the reason for taking the decision is not right, then how wrong will the result of that decision be? For example, you are taking the decision to quit your well-deserved job just because doing so will make your in-laws happy. But, have you thought about how happy this decision of yours will bring you? If leaving the job is not giving you even the slightest pleasure, then do not leave the job. Instead, try to explain to your in-laws why doing your job is important for your own happiness and a safe and bright future for your family. If your in-laws are not understanding your point, then take the help of your husband in this work.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about it while making a decision, then don’t make that decision. Taking any decision is mentally and physically exhausting work. Because of this alone, you can feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. If something is already bothering you so much, then it is better that you do not entangle yourself in this vicious circle. If you are feeling uneasy about a topic, then postpone that decision for a while.

Better decision making ability

• Your friend takes even the biggest decisions of life in a pinch and every day half an hour of yours is spent in deciding what clothes to wear today. If you also start sweating in taking any decision, then some things can prove to be helpful for you in getting rid of this problem.

• Increase your interest in art. Sing for at least three hours every week. Dancing, playing the guitar or petting. This will improve the ability to concentrate and improve the mood. These qualities will improve your decision making ability.

• To activate different parts of your brain, start doing something that is a little technical. You can learn a foreign language, start writing regularly, or learn some computer programming.

• Stop being around people just your age. Spend time with people of all ages. You will learn from elders to take decisions keeping in mind the future, while from the company of youth you will learn to remember your dreams. You will get to learn something or the other while making decisions from people of all age groups.

• Various uses during cooking. Instead of cooking desi food everyday, try making recipes from different countries of the world. During this process of cooking, you will find that the issues which were bothering you for a long time have started getting resolved automatically in your mind. Your ability to make decisions on that subject will get clarity through cooking.

• If none of the methods are working, then make a list of advantages and disadvantages associated with any decision and then take your decision accordingly.

How to Make the Right Decision, How the Decision is Made, how to develop decision making techniques, make the right decision synonym, make the right choice synonym,

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