How to Lose Weight, Best Ways to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight, Best Ways to Lose Weight, Calories will start burning again, Take control of thyroid, The higher the BMR,

How to Lose Weight, Best Ways to Lose Weight

With increasing age, not only the fine lines of the face increase, but the weight also increases. Gradually this increased weight also becomes the cause of many diseases. How to control the sudden increase in weight after 40

Calories will start burning again

After the age of 40, many changes take place in the body of women. One of these changes is the reduction of muscle mass. Actually, muscle mass itself acts as an engine to burn calories in the body. When the efficiency of muscle mass decreases, instead of burning calories, they get stored in the body. These calories later show up as body fat. Experts believe that every year up to 1 percent of the muscle mass in our body is reduced. Its direct relationship with the hormones estrogen and testosterone also reduces the secretion of hormones, which leads to menopause. The decrease in muscle mass affects both of them. Due to all this, the metabolism slows down and our body is not able to burn calories at the rate it used to do before. This is a pre-menopausal condition and at the same time excess fat starts accumulating on the body.

Also know the solution: Strength training (exercise done to strengthen muscles) will give you benefits. Do strength training two to four times a week. This will re-develop muscle mass, reduce fat and improve metabolism. If you have any problems with strength training, then definitely take the help of a personal trainer, because training done incorrectly can hurt you. Take 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. Along with exercise, you also have to pay attention to your diet. The quantity of complex carbohydrates i.e. whole grains will have to be increased in the food plate, whereas on the contrary, simple carbohydrates like flour etc. will have to be kept away.

exercise increases with age

There is no place for exercise in the life of most Indians. Whereas it is necessary for a healthy life that as the age increases, so does the exercise. This has to do with increasing weight as well. If the exercise is not done according to the increasing weight, then the weight will only increase continuously. But, it must also be recognized that with age, the ability and desire of both men and women to exercise decreases. After 40, the body also reduces the use of energy according to exercise. Meaning, even after a lot of exercise, the calorie reduction is not very much. Calorie does not decrease and weight just keeps on increasing. Remember that the more exercise you do, the more protein you will need to include in your diet.

Also know the solution: The thinking that exercise reduces with age is not right. According to experts, with increasing age, more exercise is needed. If you feel that you are not able to do the exercise well, then start again, but slowly. Start with a walk, then gradually increase the speed and distance of the walk. Overall, as you get older, you don’t have to stop, but run faster so that you can stay fit.

Take control of thyroid

A 2017 report says that every third Indian has a thyroid problem. In such a situation, it becomes more important to take care of the health of this gland when it is directly related to age. Actually, with age, the metabolism starts slowing down. The thyroid gland controls metabolism. If the thyroid is more or less then the speed of metabolism will also be affected by it. In both these cases it will be harmful for the body. If your metabolism is very fast, then even if you want, you will not be able to gain weight. This condition is called hyperthyroid. At the same time, if the metabolism is slow then your weight will keep on increasing. This condition is called hypothyroid. In such a situation, you will feel a lack of energy and you will always be lethargic.

Also know the solution: Add more and more selenium-rich foods to your diet. Selenium is a kind of mineral, which also helps a lot in fighting infection. For its consumption, both milk or curd can be eaten. One cup of milk or yogurt contains 8 micrograms of selenium. It is also found in good quantity in eggs and chicken.

The higher the BMR, the more food

Often women try to lose weight by dieting at home. Sometimes it succeeds in this endeavor and sometimes it fails. But it is not right to look at these women as examples. The reason is the lack of nutrients in their body due to dieting. In this way, by dieting voluntarily, women also feast on many diseases.

Also know the solution: It’s okay to be your own dietitian. For this the opinion of an expert becomes necessary. Only those experts can explain to you the Fida of BMR ie Basal Karate. BMR is what our body needs to survive. Knowing BMR will decide your diet. Anyway, being hungry also increases the risk of obesity. In fact, the body also needs calories to burn fat. Due to being hungry, the body does not get as many calories as the body needs to burn fat. Not only this, due to dieting, sometimes the body does not get enough fat, whereas fat is also needed for proper metabolism. Metabolism is a process by which fats, carbohydrates and proteins are converted into energy. When this process does not get these three things, then there is bound to be problem in the body. Sometimes there will be weakness and sometimes there will be less hemoglobin. That is why it is very important to try to lose weight by taking a balanced diet after the expert’s opinion.

keep these things in mind

• Reduce sugar intake.
• Exercise regularly.
• Make sure to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables too.
• If you have depression or its symptoms, then meditate. Depression will subside.
• Increase the amount of protein in your diet.

How to Lose Weight, Best Ways to Lose Weight, Calories will start burning again, Take control of thyroid, The higher the BMR,

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